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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It should be a PARTY! So, clean comedian Leland Klassen, and Christian recording artist, Dan Macaulay, created this show for families to laugh a ton, sing some fun carols, and have a blast celebrating together at “Laughing All The Way!”

After 8 amazing years touring in Canada, Leland and Dan are bringing their collage of stand-up comedy, Christmas carols, musical silliness and improv into the USA for a one of a kind Christmas event unlike anything your family (or neighbors) have ever seen and it makes a great outreach to a community!

Designed to be friendly to all – young or old, church-attenders or not – we KNOW you’re going to be “Laughing All The Way!” 

Email us today and let’s talk about how we can partner with your church!


A highlight of the year for us
I could not imagine a more perfect show
Get ready for five star laughs
It brought together family, friends and our community
A fantastic mix of comedy and live music

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PASTORS: We are a two-man show and we keep it SIMPLE. Our goal is to be the easiest show you’ve ever hosted!

We shoot for low maintenance and high reward! Let’s chat about your needs and how we can help!